In the 1986 hit, Huey Lewis and the News famously sang: “It’s hip to be square”, but is it really? Could it be that the man behind the eighties powerhouse The Power Of Love hadn’t quite managed to get his facts straight? There’s no doubt that when it comes to the most popular shape for loudspeakers, square – or perhaps more precisely rectangular – is the way to go. But what if someone were to break from the norm and come up with something a little bit more exciting looking? Could it really be possible to get a high-end performance from a shape other than those boring four straight lines that make up an oblong? And while they’re carrying out the process of reinventing the audio equivalent of the wheel, how about making just one of the things, rather than the pair that we’ve had to make room for up to now?

Enter the clever folk at Geneva, who with the AeroSphère Large (HFC 407) have created something that looks more like a piece of high-concept furniture than a way
to impress your friends and terrify audio traditionalists. Beneath that slightly flattened 40cm orb, is a rather more angular forward-facing structure that houses two 25mm tweeters, a brace of 102mm mid/bass drivers and an upward-firing 152mm subwoofer. These are configured within three separate acoustic chambers and powered by individual, DSP-optimised Class D amplifiers capable of some cunning fine tuning to suit your room via a free app that can be downloaded from the Geneva website. With settings including free standing, single boundary and corner, there’s no part of the room it won’t be able to work its magic from.

Boasting multi-source wi-fi capability and support for AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth aptX connectivity, the AeroSphère Large has most bases covered, and using DLNA or AirPlay it’s also possible to add additional AeroSphères (Large or Small) to create your own multi-room network.

Initially, listening to a single-sound source after having been more used to two speakers takes some getting used to, but before you know it you’ll be amazed by the results. Moreover, it doesn’t really matter where you place the speaker or where you sit; the appealing sense of air and depth stays constantly impressive and you’ll be blown away by just how loud it can go. The subwoofer is capable of generating prodigious bass power and the AeroSphère captures the bigger musical picture spatially quite beautifully. But don’t take our word for it, answer the ridiculously easy question opposite and if you’re very lucky indeed you might just win one.

Geneva AeroSphère Large
The first lucky winner pulled from the hat will be receiving this unique slice of hi-fi wizardry, worth £649 plus support stand worth £149. With its expansive, three-dimensional soundstage it conveys its musical message with such muscular conviction that you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever needed two speakers in the first place.

Geneva AeroSphère Small
Approximately half the size of its sibling, the £349 AeroSphère Small offers the same connectivity options, but in a more compact form. With its 25mm tweeter and 101mm subwoofer individually chambered and driven by two Class D amplifiers, this mini marvel will blow your socks off. We’ve got two to giveaway to a pair of lucky runners up!

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To be in with a chance of winning answer this simple question:

What type of amplification do the AeroSphère Small and Large use?

A) Class A
B) Class AB
C) Class D

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