Sitting comfortably? Good, then we’ll begin…

How do you like to listen to your music?

Laid flat out on a sofa, perched attentively on an office chair or dancing around the room lost in the music? Have you ever considered investing in a proper dedicated listening chair?

Danish manufacturer Gamut Audio has become the first to produce a chair that’s designed specifically for listening to your hi-fi. The chair has been designed to control the sound reflections that reach the ears, allowing the listener to hear a more precise and natural soundstage – at least, that’s the claim. Specifically, it shields the ear from reflections emanating from behind the listening position, while at the same time preventing the sound from reflecting on the forward-facing areas of the headrest that flank the listener’s head.

The Lobster Chair – so called because of its distinctive shape – is the creation of iconic Danish designers Lund and Paarmann and is manufactured by high-end furniture makers Kvist Industries. In collaboration with Kvist, Gamut has developed a unique variation that’s been specifically tailored for audiophiles. It incorporates special acoustic dampening material, carefully positioned to improve the listening experience.

The Gamut hi-fi listening Lobster Chair is available now and distributed in the UK by Sound Fowndations, with a choice of red or black acoustical headrest fabric, priced at £3,150 and the matching footrest will cost you a further £1,500.