First introduced in 2006, Furutech's Demag was intially greeted with scepticism – why on earth would an LP that's made from plastic need to be demagnetised we all found ourselves asking. Now in more enlightend times, we understand that the culprit is actually the pigment that's added to the plastic during the manufacturing process as it contains small amounts of a ferrous material that becomes magnetised as the record spins on the turntable. Enter Furutech's Demaga Alpha, which is also designed to to discharge the magnetism residing on optical media (CD, DVD, SACD etc) as well as vinyl. The Demaga Alpha can also be used to keep interconnect cables, connectors and power cords demagnetised to prevent magnetic signal distortion. The new version of the Demaga is claimed to provide a 20 percent increase in demagnetization power over its predeccessor.

Available to buy now for the 11kg Demaga Alpha costs £2,200 and is distributed in the UK by Sound Fowndations and you can find out more details here.