While branded as a valve amplifier, Fosgate’s Signature headphone amplifier is actually a hybrid design that incorporates both valves and solid-state electronics. With a pair of 12AX7 dual-triode valves in a low-distortion series regulated push-pull configuration in the input/driver stage, the Signature features special buffers to provide a pure audio path and drive headphones directly. A patented bass boost equaliser circuit is claimed to improve low-frequency bass impact without adding boom or muddiness and there are three choices of settings, enabling a more tailored sound depending on the headphones used. A surround sound function has been included to add more spaciousness to headphone listening, while a patented Panorama Control circuit applies an out of phase cross blend to move the dimensional soundstage out of the head in the hope of creating a more natural performance. The US brand is being distributed in the UK by Sound Fowndations and the heaphone amplifier is available to buy now for £1,500.