Danish manufacturer Densen has launched, the Cast amplifier, described as the brand’s first streamer. It’s the first product of the company’s new half-width Dino range, and boasts power output of 2x 60W into an 8ohm load or 2x 120W into 4ohm. A scaled-down version of the B-390 power amplifier that’s been 15 years in the making and is set to be released by Densen later in the year, the Cast amp utilises Google Cast Audio technology so that users can stream music directly from services such as Tidal via Chromecast-enabled devices. It can also be used with Google Home to implement multi-room listening.

The company claims to have carefully selected and crafted every single aspect of the design to ensure that it operates at the highest possible level with a specially shaped, pure aluminium cabinet that incorporates a 32-bit DAC board to handle connected sources. Available in silver and black finishes with a price tag of £2,895, the Cast amp is being distributed in the UK by Elite Audio.