“Striking sound that can both soar and soothe” is how Danish manufacturer DALI describes the ethos that is at the heart of the new Opticon range. Consisting of seven models, the hand-assembled speakers boast a unique SMC-based magnet motor system alongside hybrid soft dome ribbon tweeters and wood-fibre, low-loss cones.

The £499 Opticon 1 is a compact standmount with a 26mm soft dome tweeter and a 120mm wood-fibre, low-loss woofer. The slightly larger Opticon 2 (£649) increases the woofer to 165mm and partners it with a 28mm tweeter. The £999 Opticon 5 is the entry-level floorstanding speaker and takes the tweeter and woofer of the Opticon 2 and places them into a 90cm-high enclosure. Also a floorstander, the Opticon 6 is 10cm higher and adds an extra woofer for £1,199. The £1,999 Opticon 8 has two 203mm woofers, a 165mm midrange and the same tweeter, while the Opticon LCR and Vokal are better suited for home cinema setups.

The entire range is available in a choice of silk matte white, black or walnut finishes and all come equipped
with gold-plated speaker terminals suitable for bi-wiring. You can find out more details here.