Introducing a new phono stage from Cyrus, the Phono Signature has been designed to exceed the expectations of serious vinyl audiophiles, particularly in areas of dynamic performance, accurate cartridge matching and flexibility of use. By adding IR remote control of cartridge matching, for the first time ever the manufacturer is able to provide tonal control to rebalance vinyl that is less than perfect.

Each of its four inputs can be accurately matched to the exact specification of the cartridge and the acoustic preference of the user. Adjustment is provided for MC cartridges in gain, resistance and capacitance, facilitating a possible 160 combinations. In addition a switchable warp filter is provided to maximise amplifier performance.

The new Phono Signature also allows real-time adjustment of capacitance, resistance and gain, and in doing so offers tonal adjustment from the listening position. The inclusion of warp filter and Cyrus system volume adjustment completes a suite of remote control functionality that provides the user with increased involvement with how their vinyl sounds.

The Phono Signature boasts a high capacity and low-noise DC power supply that enables the preamplifier to provide a wide dynamic range ensuring extended signal levels long before clipping. Attention to circuit layout and component placement is claimed to provide a very low noise floor to further expand musical dynamics.

Additional improvement comes by connecting the optional external PSX-R2 power supply for a highly regulated DC power for the signal amplification.

Cyrus tell us: “Our prime engineering aim is to satisfy the most demanding hi-fi fan, so clearly sound quality was our dominant goal. However, with the addition of remote control memory functions, we have enabled audiophiles not only to match their cartridge perfectly but also to interact with and correct frustrating tonal limitations in real time. Vinyl fans know all records sound different, some being better mastered/pressed than others.” 

Available now for £1,200, the Phono Signature comes with a Brushed Black finish, although a special Quartz Silver option is also available. Click here to find out more.