Chord Electronics has unveiled a new solid-black machine-polished acrylic side panel option for its flagship Reference range and its full-size Chord range. All double and quad-height products (see below for full list) in Chord Electronics’ two upper ranges can now be ordered with the new solid-black acrylic side panels as an alternative to the traditional Integra Leg System; Chord’s single-height products will also be available with the new side panels later in the year.

Each block is precision-machined from solid-black acrylic and then machine polished to a piano black finish and the new design is said to take its inspiration from Bauhaus styling. Chord Electronics tells us that compatible products already in service can also be retro-fitted with the panels as a chargeable factory upgrade.

The following models can be ordered now with the solid black acrylic side panel options:

CD playback: Red Reference Mk III; Integrated amplifiers: CPM 2650; CPM 3350 and CPM 2800 MKII (with DAC); Preamps: CPA 5000 and CPA 8000; Power amps (mono): SPM 1400 MK II; SPM 6000 MK II and SPM 14000 MK II; Power amps (stereo): SPM 1200 MK II and SPM 1050 MK II.

Meanwhile, the DSX 1000, CPA 2500, CPA 3000 and SPM 650 will be available with the side panels later in 2017.

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