Cambridge Audio is seeking to bring new standards of audio performance, build quality and battery life to the premium Bluetooth speaker market with the introduction of its new G5 wireless speaker.

Having received the same attention to detail and first-class audio engineering skills normally reserved for the company's high-end audiophile products, the G5 is claimed to produce an impressive audio performance with a clear treble and bass detail not normally found in Bluetooth speakers.

The build quality and design of the G5 is also aiming to be better than the rest, thanks to the combination of a premium leather and metal exterior, while the use of a special stiff and inert composite material, extensive internal bracing and each driver mounted in its own dedicated sealed compartment should provide a rattle-free, crystal-clear performance even at high volumes.

Despite its compact and slim dimensions (270 x 121 x 55mm WxHxD), the G5 manages to cram two 30mm mid/high drivers and a dedicated 60mm subwoofer under the hood, plus two passive auxiliary bass radiators and a Class D amplifier. Sound quality benefits from Cambridge’s approach to volume control, where the G5 has a different EQ setting for each volume step.

Cambridge is also looking to break new ground when it comes to battery life, too. The G5 battery will last for 14 hours at the higher ‘Party’ Level (73db @ 1M) and well over 20 hours at the more normal ‘ambient’ level (70db) from a single charge. It is also possible to charge other portable devices (phones, tablets etc) via the G5 using the USB port on the back.  Connectivity comes via Bluetooth (aptX or SBC) or NFC one-touch pairing and the G5 can be paired up with another G5 to create a stereo pair. Should you decide not to go the wireless route, a line ouput and a 3.5mm aux input are additionally provided.

Available in champagne and white leather or gun metal and black leather, the G5 is available to buy now for £229. You can buy online or find out more details here.