Cabasse has unveiled the latest addition to its Artis Series, the Murano, which is claimed to benefit from innovations initially developed for the reference La Sphère. These include the coaxial midrange tweeter and specific technologies that were incorporated in the design of the woofer.

The honeycomb dome membrane, borrowed from La Sphère’s woofer, and the long-throw motor system are claimed to enable Murano's 17cm woofer to provide clean and deep low frequencies. Meanwhile, guided by a long voice coil in the 45mm deep air gap of a 4kg oversized motor, the driver is described as giving the bass the sort of purity and strength that is unexpected from such a small device. 

Power handling is quoted at 150W with a nominal impedance of 8ohm, while peak power handling is quoted at 1,000W. The BC13 coaxial midrange-tweeter is developed from the three-way TC23 which is fitted to speakers including La Sphère and L’Océan. Cabasse claims that BC13 guarantees a faithful straightforward tonal balance without any auditory strain, for a deep and realistic soundstage. The new speaker comes fitted with a new aluminium wave-guide specifically designed for optimal sound output.

The Murano is available in three different colours, including glossy black, glossy wild cherry and glossy mahogany and it is exclusively distributed in the UK by Connected Distribution. It's available to buy now for £3,499 and you can find out more here.