Bang & Olufsen has today unveiled its new multi-room solution linking up all of your B&O products into a single BeoLink  wireless system so that you can have music playing throughout the home, or different tunes in different rooms. Called BeoLink Multiroom, the system is claimed to provide simplicity of operation akin to switching on a light – simply touch your Bang & Olufsen product to join the Multiroom experience – in any part of your home. If you've got one, your Bang & Olufsen TV can also join the Multiroom experience through your BeoRemote One or the new BeoMusic App , which offers an intuitive and transparent overview of the system.

The  BeoSound Moment music system sits at the centre of the setup and is claimed by B&O to adapt to your listening patterns to select music that fits with the relevant time of day – based on the sort of music you've listened to at that time of the day before. Compatible products include the BeoPlay A9 (below) and the wall-mounted BeoSound Essence (above), which can be activated with a simple touch, while the BeoLink converter allows older Bang & Olufsen products, such as the BeoSound 9000 or the turntable BeoGram 4000, to be added to your Multiroom experience.

“Bang & Olufsen products are not commodities that you buy and throw away. With BeoLink Multiroom we emphasize our commitment to our customers by creating a set-up that allows you to unite new and classical products via state-of-the art wireless technology,” Marie Kristine Schmidt Vice President, Brand, Design & Marketing Bang & Olufsen, told HFC.

The BeoSound Moment system is on sale now for £1,795 and you can find out more over at Bang and Olufsen's website.