Just when you thought all speakers looked the same, along comes Bang & Olufsen with the BeoLab 90. Okay, so it’s not the first loudspeaker to break with convention, but with its combination of pentagons and rhombuses it’s certain to stand out from the crowd. The BeoLab 90 utilises Active Room Compensation to measure the effects of the acoustic behaviour of the four walls around it. It does this by employing a microphone to measure the effects of different positions within the room so that it can select a suitable compensation filter.

The driver units (seven 30mm tweeters, seven 86mm mids, three 212mm woofers and a 260mm front woofer) are grouped so that there are three at the front, while the side and rear drivers are further away from one another to create a 360° sound, and a DSP can be utilised to broaden or narrow the beam width of sound. The wireless speakers offer RCA, XLR, S/PDIF, Toslink and USB connectivity via the bundled Analogue PowerLink, but wired use is recommended to get the full benefit. The BeoLab 90 is available to buy now for £26,995. you can find out more details on the B&O website.