Prepare to start feeling old. It was 20 years ago that Audio Analogue released the original Puccini integrated amplifier and it quickly formed a reputation for high-end performance at an affordable price point. The amp was AA's first product and a fine way to introduce itself to the world. To celebrate the anniversary, Audio Analogue has updated the Puccini into the Puccini Anniversary, which is claimed to be a genuine zero feedback design that's been developed by the company's AirTech R&D department.

The Puccini Anniversary is a fully dual-mono design. The oversized 700VA transformer, together with three pairs of power transistors for each channel, enables it to deliver a quoted 80W into 8ohm, rising to 300W into 2ohm. The Puccini Anniversary’s chassis features a thick (14mm) brushed aluminium front panel and a single, recessed central control knob that serves a variety of functions. It has a push function for power and input selection and activates an encoder that communicates with four digital, high-precision potentiometers (two per channel) for the volume. White dimmable LEDs have been chosen for the indications, while a full remote control completes the package.  

The Puccini Anniversary is available now in a black or silver finish and costs £2,999. Find out more about it here