Australian manufacturer Audeara is perhaps best known for its past in the medical realm. However, a recent Kickstarter campaign changed all of that when it launched the A-01 headphone, designed not only to protect the user’s ears, but also to deliver a sound specifically catered to them. The first time the user wears the A-01, they use the companion app to undergo a hearing test, the results of which are then stored by the cans. Using this unique profile, the headphone then adjusts the sound signal (making changes to left and right channels) so that the sound is individually tailored to the listener, while monitoring their hearing over time.

More traditional features include wireless Bluetooth connectivity, 40mm Mylar drivers, noise cancelling claimed to reduce interference by up to 85 percent and a carry case. Recharging is done via micro USB jack and the A-01 is claimed to offer 45.5 hours of Bluetooth playback and 25.5 hours of noise cancelling and Bluetooth. Available to buy now for £300, you can find out more by clicking here.